19 Product Tester Jobs That Come With Free Stuff or Cash

Do you love trying out new things?

Are you comfortable sharing your opinions on social media?

Combine the two and you can get paid money testing products.

Product testing companies will pay consumers to provide feedback on their newest items.

It’s like mystery shopping, but you don’t have to leave your house.

What could be better than that?

How to Become a Product Tester

You’re probably familiar with writing reviews on Amazon and other websites. Becoming a product tester is pretty similar.

Each website requires that you fill out your personal information so they know your demographic. Depending on the site, you’ll also need to connect your social media accounts or PayPal information.

After your account is set up, you’ll complete surveys so the companies know what relevant products and opportunities will fit your lifestyle.

If you fit their criteria, companies will send free samples to your home. The length of tests vary between each company and their products. Do the test, submit your honest feedback, tell your friends and get paid.

We’ve found 19 product testing companies that are looking for your valued opinions.

1. McCormick

Do you like to experiment in the kitchen? You can become a product tester for McCormick and put those taste buds to work.

Frequency of tests vary. McCormick does five to 10 home tests per year and internet surveys take place every two to three months. At home testers get paid between $10 and $15 for each test. You can be paid through Zelle or Amazon gift cards.

If you’re local to McCormick’s Hunt Valley, Maryland, facility, you can also sign up for in-person tests. Facility testers can participate once every three months, up to four times per year. Facility testers earn anywhere from $30 to $100 for participating.

2. PINCHme

PINCHme uses a combination of surveys and samples to get your opinion on products. You’ll claim the samples you want, but it takes two to four weeks to receive the items. Your opinions are exchanged for coins. Lower coin amounts can be exchanged for things like makeup and beauty products. Save up thousands of coins and you can exchange them for various tech items, like tablets or smart plugs.

3. Parent Tested Parent Approved

Product tester jobs at Parent Tested Parent Approved don’t just involve baby products. You could be selected to test electronics, toys and games, household items and more. You just fill out your information, wait to be selected, test the product and give your feedback. You get to keep the product and you’ll receive points you can redeem for gift cards.

The downside? PTPA has over 130,000 testers and tries to use everyone, so the chances of being selected aren’t the greatest.

4. Ipsos iSay

iSay is primarily a survey taking website from the market research firm Ipsos. However, some surveys will lead to at-home product testing opportunities.

The surveys will earn you points, which can be redeemed for various gift cards to popular stores. The lowest gift card amount is $5 for 500 points. You can also choose to be paid through PayPal.

5. Crowdtap

Similar to iSay, Crowdtap focuses more on surveys, but you can get opportunities for free samples to test. You’ll either be mailed a product or the company will send you a coupon to purchase the item in-store. After you’ve tested it, you’ll give your feedback through surveys and be rewarded with points.

If you’re waiting on testing opportunities, go ahead and fill surveys out. The surveys give various point amounts. Points from product tests and surveys can be redeemed for gift cards. Gift card amounts vary between stores. You can also redeem points for subscriptions to services like Hulu or Spotify.

6. NetGalley

Love to read? If you’re a teacher, librarian, book reviewer or another influential reader, you can join NetGalley to receive free ebooks and audiobooks before they’re published.

To qualify for the most free ebooks, NetGalley recommends that you provide meaningful reviews and link your social media accounts or blogs. The site also recommends thinking of your bio like a resume and keeping it professional, since publishers will be looking at your profile.

7. Product Report Card

The panelist program at Product Report Card utilizes online surveys, product tests, clinical trials, phone consultations and more to get your feedback for companies.

To receive study invitations, you’ll want to complete your profile as completely as possible so you’ll qualify. For in-home product tests, you’ll need to register products that you use. The product testing company sends you rewards every time a registration is approved.

You’ll get different dollar amounts for completing opportunities. Once you hit $25, you can redeem it for Amazon gift card codes.

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8. Philips

Want free personal care items? Test products for Philips! They don’t pay testers, but you get to keep the products you try. Just test your items, submit feedback and write reviews.

One con? Some of the products aren’t free, but you buy them at a reduced price.

9. BzzAgent

Are you active on social media and love free samples? The product testing company BzzAgent sends the most free products and campaigns to users who post about the products.

After you receive your sample, you’ll test it and post about your experience on social media. BzzAgent sends their product testers a “posting instructions” email to follow.

However, you won’t get compensated other than the use of the products.

10. Influenster

Influenster is another online platform for users who can leverage their social media following for more product tester jobs. The site uses digital campaigns and VoxBoxes. VoxBoxes are free product samples that you’ll receive in the mail. The more active you are on social media and the Influenster online community, the more VoxBoxes you can qualify for.

The site also has a cashback program, where some surveys will have you buy an item upfront, then you’ll get reimbursed after you leave a review.

11. Johnson & Johnson Friends and Neighbors

You’ve smelled Johnson & Johnson’s personal care items in the store aisle, so why not get paid to do it in your home?

The company has several avenues for product testing opportunities with their Friends and Neighbors program. You could be asked to test an item at home or at one of their facilities. There are also online surveys, online discussion groups, focus groups or consumer panels. You’ll be sent emails with study invitations.

The compensation isn’t disclosed, but J&J says you’ll receive a gift card at the close of a study.

12. MomSelect

Are you a mom with a social media following? MomSelect connects mom bloggers with leading brands. You’ll be asked to post on your blog or social media, host MommyParties based around specific products, participate in conferences and research. You can also become a brand ambassador. According to their website, MomSelect has paid over $35 million to mom influencers through compensation, products, trips and experiences.

13. UserTesting

Are you comfortable voicing your thoughts out loud? UserTesting is unique on this list for requiring their product testers to have microphones. However, the company does have an app. You could be asked to do one-on-one Zoom calls with businesses, where they may ask you to share your screen, complete tasks or answer questions. You’ll be testing websites, prototypes, mobile apps and real world experiences.

Payments for tests vary and you’ll be paid through PayPal seven days after the test is completed.

14. Smiley360

Smiley360 is another product testing website for social butterflies. You’ll want to connect your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to participate. Facebook and Twitter are required for most of the company’s missions.

Some of the missions will involve receiving Smiley kits. You’ll receive a kit with a free product or sample two to four weeks after it ships. Standard Smiley missions have a testing period of 10 weeks.

Smiley users earn points, but the points don’t lead to compensation. Smiley360 points are used to show how active members are. The more points you have, the more offers you get. You’ll also get points for completing surveys, which are used to tailor the products sent to you.

15. L’Oreal

Are you interested in free beauty products? L’Oreal uses product testers for their skincare, hair care and cosmetics. New Jersey locals can participate in their testing center location, but they have in-home tests and online surveys available for others.

Product testers are compensated with free beauty or personal care products.

A woman applies makeup to her face.
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16. thePinkPanel

Another great product testing job for fans of beauty and personal care products is thePinkPanel. Members receive opportunities to test products via email and Facebook. Testing periods can be as short as one day or as long as eight weeks.

You’ll get to keep the product and you’ll receive $25 to $100 in gift cards or beauty products. Members can also apply to be in focus groups, both online and in-person and receive $100 for those opportunities.

thePinkPanel also sends out surveys with opportunities to win more items. The availability of tests varies.

The downside? Members are restricted to one beauty product test every six months. However, the online surveys are unlimited. You also have to apply to be accepted into tests.

17. Social Nature

If you’re interested in natural products, you can be a product tester for Social Nature.

The product testing website features food products, baby supplies, pet supplies, household items and health and beauty items. You can select items that are vegetarian, non-GMO, dairy-free, fragrance-free and more.

When you fill out your profile, you’ll list any dietary requirements and where you shop. The company will match you with products they think you’ll like. If you accept, you’ll be sent a free sample or a free product voucher to redeem at a store. Once the voucher arrives, you have two weeks to redeem it, try the product and share your honest review with the company. You might also be sent online code redemptions, where you’ll order products directly from a company’s website with a provided discount code. Shipping fees may apply in those tests.

The catch? You “apply to try.” You’re not guaranteed to be selected for the product testing jobs. Chosen participants are notified by email.

18. Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club is an online community for product testers. You’ll see what items other members are reviewing and you can leave your own reviews on those products, even if you haven’t been sent them by Home Tester Club.

When you register for a free product, you’ll fill out a short pre-qualifying survey. If you’re selected to participate, you’ll be sent an email within one to two weeks, and the product will be shipped to you within one to three weeks.

Members will receive points for leaving reviews, completing surveys, leaving comments, participating in home product tests and more. Points aren’t worth anything, but users with more points get more opportunities.

19. National Consumer Panel

This last one isn’t primarily product testing, but it deserves a mention.

If you register with the National Consumer Panel, you’ll be given access to their app. You’ll use the app to scan the barcodes of your purchases. You’ll share the details of your purchase to receive points, then you can redeem those points for gift cards and merchandise.

You’ll also be given the chance to do surveys and participate in occasional studies.

Regular participation with the National Consumer Panel also automatically enters you in their sweepstakes that have prizes of gift cards, merchandise or cash.

Contributor Jenna Limbach writes on financial literacy and lifestyle topics for The Penny Hoarder from her home base in Nevada.

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