If It Breaks, They’ll Fix It

We’re always looking for ways to save money, and one surefire way to do that is to buy products that last.

You can also buy products from companies that will repair or replace them if they break.

You may spend a bit more up front, but quality items — and ones with awesome lifetime warranties — can end up saving you money in the long run.

From backpacks to knives, here’s a list of 18 brands that offer lifetime warranties with no strings attached — plus 32 that cover manufacturer’s defects forever.

18 Companies With Lifetime Warranties

Yes, even for normal wear and tear.

1. Cutco

Knife-maker Cutco was founded in Olean, New York, in 1949. It offers a “forever guarantee” that extends to knives given as gifts or hand-me-downs.

“We want every Cutco owner to be satisfied forever, and when the product is passed along, we will continue to back that pledge,” says the company’s website. 

“If at any time you are not satisfied with the performance of your product, we will correct the problem or replace the product.”

A photograph shows a backpack and some notebooks.
Jansport guarantees a lifetime warranty on nearly all of its backpacks, messenger bags, fanny packs and hiking bags. Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder

2. JanSport

Parents sending their kids off to school have long recognized backpack-maker JanSport for its top-notch warranty. This company, founded in 1967, guarantees nearly all of its backpacks, messenger bags, fanny packs and hiking bags.

“JanSport branded products covered by this warranty are warranted to the original owner against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product,” JanSport says on its website.

The lifetime warranty covers defects such as ripped seams, defective zippers or broken buckles. Damage due to normal wear and tear, such as fading or scuffing, is not covered.

3. Manduka

This California-based company guarantees many of its yoga mats for life, even if the product wears out from regular use. Manduka notes that their mats last around 10 years when cared for properly.

A Manduka PRO yoga mat will cost you $129 to $155, but the price tag may well be worth it if you practice regularly and your mat wears out.

4. Feetures

Feetures is a family-owned sock-maker in North Carolina. This company makes high-performance socks for runners and other athletes, and it’ll offer you a replacement pair or refund at any time through its lifetime warranty.

5. Eddie Bauer

This outdoor gear and clothing maker stands behind its products so much that it offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee. 

“We design all our products to last, and we test and manufacture to the highest quality standards,” the company states on its website. “If your Eddie Bauer product has a defect in materials or workmanship, you may return it, with proof of purchase, within one year, for a replacement or refund back to the original form of payment.”

A photograph shows wrenches that have a lifetime warranty
Craftsman tools, including wrenches, hand tools, gardening and pruning tools, are eligible for replacement, free of charge, over the lifetime of the product. Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder

6. Craftsman

Talk to someone who uses tools on a regular basis and you’ve probably heard about Craftsman’s warranty.

Many of the company’s tools, including wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, ratchets and sockets are eligible for replacement, free of charge, over the lifetime of the product.

Just return the product that has failed to perform “for any reason” to a retail partner, no proof of purchase required, according to the company’s website. Other products must be under warranty to be repaired or replaced. This page provides a full breakdown of how Craftsman handles repairs and replacements.

7. Osprey

Osprey’s “All Mighty Guarantee” ensures that if you buy one of the company’s bags or backpacks, it’s guaranteed for life.

The brand’s motto: Any reason, any product, any era.

“Osprey will repair any damage or defect for any reason free of charge — whether it was purchased in 1974 or yesterday,” Osprey’s website says.

“If we are unable to perform a functional repair on your pack, we will happily replace it.”

8. Vermont Teddy Bear

If you buy a stuffed bear from Vermont Teddy Bear, it’s backed by the company’s lifetime warranty.

VTB has some fun with it too, and encourages you to send your bear to its “Bear Hospital.”

“Every once in a while, a tragedy will strike — a dog attack, a chance meeting with a lawn mower,” the company says. “We are talkin’ FREE, full coverage health care for your Bear’s entire lifetime.”

9. Duluth Trading Company

Duluth Trading Company, which makes clothing, outerwear, footwear and other items, offers a “No Bull Guarantee” on its products.

The company has a one-year return policy, and after one year, it will “consider returns for items that are defective or don’t perform as designed.”

A red umbrella sits on the ground as it rains.
Getty Images

10. Davek

Invest in a sturdy Davek umbrella (prices range from $49 to $350) and it’s backed by the company’s unconditional lifetime guarantee.

“We want this to be the last umbrella you will ever need,” the company’s website states.

Owners must register their umbrellas to be eligible for the lifetime warranty.

11. Zippo

Zippo makes lighters, hand warmers and knives. Its warranty motto on its windproof lighter: “It works or we fix it free.”

“We don’t make that promise lightly,” Zippo says. 

“We know that behind every Zippo Windproof Lighter sent for repair is an owner depending on our promise to get it back in working order. Whether a windproof lighter is five years, 25 years or 50 years old, it will serve as a dependable source of flame for years to come — we  guarantee it!”

12. Leupold

Leupold is based in Beaverton, Oregon, and makes binoculars, scopes and rangefinders used by golfers, hunters, security personnel and police.

The company will replace its riflescopes, binoculars and spotting scopes — whether you’re the original owner or not — forever, thanks to its lifetime warranty.

“You don’t need proof of ownership or a warranty card, and there’s no time limit,” the company says.

“We do this because we believe in superior quality and craftsmanship, and we’re confident your Leupold won’t let you down.”

13. Red Oxx

Red Oxx travel bags are covered by the company’s “No Bull” Lifetime Warranty, which means it will repair or replace its products, no questions asked.

This unconditional lifetime warranty is completely transferrable and applies to any product made by Red Oxx at any time in history. The warranty also extends to bags you buy used.

14. Darn Tough Socks

Vermont sock-maker Darn Tough Socks offers a 100%, unconditional lifetime guarantee on its socks, which are, apparently, pretty darn tough.

“If these aren’t the longest lasting socks you’ve ever owned,  you can return them to us for another pair. No receipt needed, just the pair in question,”the company’s website states.

It also says its warranty has no strings and no conditions.

15. L.L. Bean

If you’ve purchased something from L.L. Bean in the last century, you’ve probably heard of its legendary lifetime warranty. The Maine-based company makes clothing, shoes, outdoor gear, backpacks and other items.

You can send back an item purchased from L.L. Bean for any reason for up to one year from the time of purchase. After a year, the company will “consider any items for return that are defective due to materials or craftsmanship,” its website states.

A person uses a lighter.
Getty Images


XIKAR, which makes cigar accessories, offers a limited lifetime warranty on all products. Simply drop your lighter or cigar cutter in the mail, and the company will repair or replace it for free.

Note that the company might send you a “refurbished equivalent, depending on the age and condition of the return.”

17. Orvis

This outdoor gear and apparel company offers a Great Catch Guarantee, which promises to make things right if you are dissatisfied with any product or service for any reason.

18. Away

Away, a company that makes suitcases with high-capacity batteries for charging cell phones and other devices, offers a lifetime limited warranty for the non-electronic components of its luggage. If your bag’s shell, wheels, handles or zippers stop working, the company will fix them or replace the bag for free.

You must be the bag’s original owner and have used it for travel by “air, car, train, boat and foot” for damage to be covered. To qualify, the problem must “impair the functionality of the product.”

The company won’t hang you out to dry if the battery dies, either. Away guarantees the electronic components inside its suitcases for two years.

32 Brands With Warranties for Manufacturer’s Defects

They might not cover regular wear and tear, but these companies will fix or replace unsatisfactory items through limited lifetime warranties and other guarantees.

19. Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)

Vancouver-based MEC has sold gear for snowsports, climbing, hiking, running, camping and other outdoor activities since 1971.

The company offers a “Rocksolid Guarantee” on all of its products and the advice its employees give you.

“If the quality of an item hasn’t met your expectations, you can bring it back,” according to the company’s website.

“We also guarantee the product selection advice we give. If something you purchased based on this advice turns out to be unsuitable, you can bring it back for an exchange, refund or credit.”

20. Columbia

On outerwear and equipment — think coats and backpacks — outdoor gear-maker Columbia offers a limited lifetime warranty.

Though the company won’t replace an item for normal wear and tear, Columbia will replace items with manufacturer defects.

If the zipper breaks, for example, you can send your jacket in to have it inspected. If the folks in the warranty department determine the defect is covered by the warranty, they’ll fix it and send it back, or send you a credit for the value of the item so you can buy a new one.

The company offers a one-year warranty on shoes and sportswear.

A person zips up a Patagonia jacket.
Patagonia’s lifetime warranty guarantees if their product doesn’t perform as expected, the company will replace it. Photo courtesy of Patagonia

21. Patagonia

Outdoor gear-maker Patagonia calls its lifetime warranty an “Ironclad Guarantee.” If you buy Patagonia apparel and gear for climbing, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, fly fishing or trail running, and it doesn’t perform as expected, the company will replace it.

“We guarantee everything we make,” according to the company’s website. “If you are not satisfied with one of our products at the time you receive it, or if one of our products does not perform to your satisfaction, return it to the store you bought it from or to Patagonia for a repair, replacement or refund.”

Patagonia says it will repair damage due to normal wear and tear “at a reasonable charge.”

22. REI

Though REI got rid of its famous no-questions-asked lifetime return policy in 2013, the company will still let you return items that have manufacturing defects at any time as part of its limited warranty. 

REI will also let you return an item for any reason for up to one year after you bought it.

23. Nordstrom

The department store Nordstrom has a famously generous return policy. Technically, it doesn’t actually have a return policy — but what the company means is that it’ll take back or exchange nearly any item, for any reason, at any time.

“We stand behind our goods and services and want customers to be satisfied with them,” explains the company’s website.

“We’ll always do our best to take care of customers — our philosophy is to deal with them fairly and reasonably.” There’s no time limit for returns or exchanges, so use your best judgment.

24. Vortex Optics

Vortex Optics makes an array of products, including binoculars, gun scopes, tripods and other gear.

The company has a “VIP warranty,” which says that it will repair or replace any Vortex product if it becomes damaged or defective. The warranty doesn’t cover theft, loss, deliberate damage or cosmetic damage.

The warranty is fully transferable and you don’t need to hang on to your receipt.

“You see, it doesn’t matter how it happened, whose fault it was, or where you purchased it. You can count on the VIP Warranty for all Vortex Optics riflescopes, prism scopes, red dots, rangefinders, binoculars, spotting scopes, tripods and monoculars,” according to the company’s website.

25. Adidas

Sportswear company Adidas will replace or repair any returned item that has a manufacturer defect or a “deviation from factory specifications.”

The company’s warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, however.

26. Jostens

Ring-maker Jostens offers a limited lifetime warranty on many of its rings, including high school class rings, college class rings and youth sports rings.

The company will resize, refinish, polish, clean and replace some types of stones for the life of the ring, as long as you’re the original owner.

27. Le Creuset

This maker of multicolored cookware products offers a limited lifetime warranty on cast iron, tri-ply stainless steel, metal bakeware and toughened nonstick items.

The Le Creuset warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, only defects in material and workmanship for products used in a normal household setting. To be eligible, you need to make sure you take care of your skillets and pans according to the company’s instructions.

The company offers five-year warranties on kettles and stockpots. It offers a limited 10-year warranty on stoneware.

A tervis cup sits by the water.
Tervis insulated products come with a lifetime guarantee. If the staff determines, after an inspection, that an item has a material defect or a problem due to workmanship, the company will replace it for free. Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder

28. Tervis

Tervis makes water bottles, cups and mugs with nifty decorations (hello, Harry Potter cup!). It stands behind its products with guarantees.

The classic insulated products come with a lifetime guarantee. If its staff determine, after an inspection, that an item has a material defect or a problem due to workmanship, the company will replace it for free.

Stainless steel items come with a limited 5-year guarantee.

However, the warranties do not cover normal wear and tear, improper care or abuse. They also do not cover accessories.

29. Wüsthof

Wüsthof has been making knives and other kitchen tools since 1814, and it offers a lifetime warranty for defects in workmanship and materials.

30. Rainbow Sandals

Jay “Sparky” Longley began making sandals in his Laguna Beach garage in 1972. Now, if you buy a pair of his flip-flops, they’re guaranteed “for the lifetime of the sole,” according to the company’s website.

“The sandals will be eligible for warranty until you have worn through anywhere on the top or bottom layer of the sole.”

The warranty covers manufacturing defects only. If the strap pulls out from the base of the sandal or if the sandal’s sole layers become unglued, the shoes are likely covered by the warranty and the company will repair or replace them at no charge.

31. Filson

This Seattle-based company has made luggage, watches, outdoor gear and other items since 1897.

Filson offers a lifetime guarantee that covers failure of workmanship and materials for the life of its products. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

32. The North Face

Most North Face products are guaranteed for the lifetime of the item against defects in materials and workmanship, with the exception of shoes, which only have a one-year guarantee.

A pair of Skullcandy handy headphones sit on a table with an iPad.
Skullcandy now offers a one-year limited warranty on most products for manufacturing defects. Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder

33. Skullcandy

Skullcandy makes colorful earbuds and headphones that range in price from $10 to $320.

The company offers a one-year limited warranty on most products for manufacturing defects. Products purchased prior to April 1, 2021, come with a two-year limited warranty.

34. Hydro Flask

Founded in 2009 in Bend, Oregon, Hydro Flask makes insulated bottles and food storage containers. The company offers the Hydro Flask Let’s Go! Promise: Product Warranty, which covers manufacturer defects, but not normal wear and tear.

The company will replace your flask or bottle if it has a broken or leaking cap, if it has lost its insulating properties or if it has been damaged during shipping. It will also replace your bottle or flask if it rattles.

35. Dakine

Dakine makes gear for playing in the snow, surfing, cycling and windsurfing. The company was founded in Hawaii in 1979 and is now located in Hood River, Oregon.

Dakine’s 10-year limited lifetime warranty protects its backpacks and bags against manufacturing defects, but does not cover normal wear and tear. It also offers a two-year limited warranty on gloves, accessories, windsurf and kite gear, outerwear and apparel.

According to the company’s website, manufacturer defects include things like a straight-edge tear along a seam, a stitching defect that makes it difficult to use the product and zipper malfunctions.

36. Chacos

Sandal-maker Chacos promises that its shoes will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. The company offers a limited lifetime warranty on its sandals, which have received high praise from devoted outdoorsmen and women.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, problems with fit or sandals that have been worn past the point of repair.

37. Timbuk2

Timbuk2 makes messenger bags, backpacks, laptop bags and duffel bags. The company offers a lifetime warranty on all of its bags (but not its shirts and hoodies) that covers defects in materials or workmanship. 

“Your Timbuk2 bag is sewn by hand and might contain some slight imperfections. Like Daniel Craig or Marilyn Monroe, the slight imperfections are what add character to an already awesome product,” according to the company’s website.

A person drinks water out of a Camelbak book bag.
Getty Images

38. Camelbak

The “Got Your Bak” guarantee covers defects in workmanship and materials for all Camelbak reservoirs, backpacks, bottles and accessories.

“Our Got Your Bak warranty program covers CamelBak products that legitimately fail due to a manufacture defect,” the company’s website states.

39. Polar Bottle

If you buy one of its water bottles and it breaks or is somehow faulty due to “defects in materials and workmanship,” Polar Bottle will replace it for you.

The warranty does not cover regular wear and tear on the item. It also does not cover “accident, combat damage, improper care or cleaning, non-standard usage or negligence.”

40. Gibson

Founded in 1894 In Nashville, Tennessee, Gibson has been a favorite of guitar players for centuries. Gibson guarantees its instruments to be free from defaults due to workmanship or materials, promising to repair or replace any instrument that doesn’t meet this standard.

The warranty doesn’t cover instruments that have been modified, or damages that occur from “misuse, negligence, accident or improper operation,” according to its website.

41. Big Green Egg

A Big Green Egg ceramic cooker is an investment that costs between $400 and $2,000, depending on size. But every cooker comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which softens the blow slightly.

The warranty covers “materials and workmanship on all ceramic components (including dome, base, damper top, fire box and fire ring),” according to the manufacturer.

The lifetime guarantee is valid for the original owner, so if you buy one second-hand it won’t be eligible. You also need to make sure you register your product in order to make a claim on the warranty.

Leftovers sit in Tupperware.
Getty Images

42. Tupperware

Tupperware is best known for its plasticware that’s perfect for storing leftovers, but the company also makes a wide range of other kitchen products.

Tupperware’s website states that its products are “warranted by Tupperware against chipping, cracking, breaking or peeling under normal non-commercial use for the lifetime of the product.”

Depending on the product, certain components may be excluded from the lifetime guarantee. For example, the Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover the silicone parts from the Microwave Pressure Cooker.

As of January 2022, Tupperware’s website says that the company is currently upgrading its warranty system and is unable to process claims, but once the upgrade is complete you’ll be able to submit your warranty claim as per usual.

43. Calphalon

Calphalon makes kitchenware designed to withstand the test of time. Many of Calphalon’s items come with a lifetime warranty.

“Calphalon will replace any item found defective in material or workmanship when put to normal household use and cared for according to the instructions,” according to the company’s website.

Some older Calphalon items do not fall under the lifetime warranty and instead have a 10-year warranty.

44. Cross

Since 1846, Cross has made writing instruments and accessories like padfolios, wallets and journals. The company stands by its products by offering a lifetime guarantee for its writing instruments, and shorter guarantees for leather products and timepieces.

According to Cross’s website, “All Cross writing instruments and desk set penholder mechanisms are unquestionably guaranteed against mechanical failure, regardless of age.”

As of January 2022, the manufacturer is currently experiencing delays in processing returns due to COVID-19 and is unable to repair gold pens until further notice.

45. Lupine Pet

Quality pet products can be hard to find. Lupine Pet makes that a little easier thanks to its GUARANTEED (Even if Chewed) program.

“GUARANTEED (Even if Chewed) means we will replace any Lupine Pet brand dog collars, leashes or pet gear that has been accidentally damaged during normal pet-related activities, even chewing accidents!” Lupine Pet says on its website.

Lupine Pet will not replace an item that has been lost or outgrown, or one that has faded or has normal wear and tear.

46. Kryptonite Lock

Kryptonite makes secure locks for bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. The company guarantees its products and will replace any lock that has a defect in material or workmanship.

All Kryptonite Lock products carry a lifetime limited warranty. Kryptonite also makes bike lights; those carry a two-year warranty.

A woman uses a flash drive while working on her laptop.
Getty Images

47. Kingston Technology

As technology has progressed, so has Kingston. The company got its start in 1987 making surface mount memory chips; today it makes several varieties of memory cards, SSDs, USB flash drives and more.

Kingston offers a lifetime warranty for many of its products. Other products carry warranties that range from one year to five years, depending on the item. You can find a full list of what is covered on Kingston’s website.

48. Stanley Tools

Top-quality tools can serve you for many years. Stanley makes a wide variety of tools, and many of them are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Tools covered by this warranty include wrenches, sockets, ratchets, drive accessories, tape measures, hand tools and landscaping and garden tools. Other items may offer a shorter warranty.

49. Tilley

Tilley hats offers a lifetime guarantee on many of its hats.

“Most Tilley hats are guaranteed for life against normal wear and tear, poor workmanship or faulty material,” the company’s website states. “If something is not right, we’ll repair or replace your hat.”

50. Fiskars

Fiskars makes a wide range of products, from kitchen knives and craft blades to gardening shears and saws. The company stands by its products with its lifetime warranty.

According to the Fiskars website, “Fiskars products are warranted to the consumer purchaser to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the consumer owns the product.”

This warranty doesn’t cover sharpening, wear and tear due to normal use or accidental damage.

Sarah Kuta and Catherine Hiles are contributors to The Penny Hoarder. 

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