Top Retirement Articles from Q4 2021

Top Retirement Articles from Q4 2021

Of the all the new and interesting retirement articles published in Q4 2021, these are the 10 posts that resonated the most with readers on NewRetirement:

11 Year-End Tax Planning Strategies to Keep More 2021 Money and Prepare for Future Wealth

Many of these 11 year-end tax tips for retirement are worthwhile to consider at any time. Long term tax planning can help you keep more of your own money.

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What Rates of Return Should You Use for Retirement Planning?

Get details on average historic returns and a framework for making your rate of return projections. This is info you need for a more secure future.

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7 Reasons to De-Clutter Your Home in Retirement

Explore why de-cluttering is the ultimate retirement and estate planning task. 7 compelling reasons to clean out your closets this year.

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Your Year End Retirement Checklist: Put 2021 Behind You and Prepare for a Great 2022 and Beyond

Use this checklist of 24 wise things to do before each year’s end to set yourself up for a great year and a secure future.

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9 Tips for Estimating Retirement Expenses: You Need to Get this Right!

If you want a secure retirement, you need to go about estimating retirement expenses. Get 9 great tips for succeeding at this difficult task.

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Hurry! Life After Retirement is Going to Be Great (If You Are Truly Ready)

Run don’t walk toward life after retirement. Research says it will be the best time of your life. Explore 7 tips to make sure you are ready!

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The 10 Best Life Expectancy Calculators and Why You Should Use One When Planning Your Retirement

Estimating your longevity with a best life expectancy calculator is a great way to improve your retirement financial and lifestyle projections. Explore the best tools.

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12 Surprising Ways to Save on Retirement Health Care Costs

Out of pocket retirement health care costs can be outrageous. Use these 12 surprising tips for a healthier and wealthier retirement.

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What Advice Would Your 80-Year-Old Self Offer to You Today?

Putting yourself in the mindset of your 80-year-old-self could really improve your life today and for the future. Find out why.

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Should You Pay Off Mortgage or Invest?

Get insights for the best way to use your money from other people who have faced this decision. What are the pros and cons of paying off mortgage vs. investing?

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